Update: WMS Slots: Spartacus

Click HERE to being the download of the update for WMS Slots: Spartacus.

Once the download is complete, be sure the game is closed, then locate the update file in your Downloads folder.

This file will be called "Setup" and may or may not have a number in parenthesis after it. It will be symbolized by an orange S on a dark background. See the picture below. 


Double click on this file to begin the update's installation. After you double click to start the installation, your computer may ask if you would like to give permission for the program to continue. If so, allow the program to make changes and continue with the installation.

To complete the installation, simply follow the instructions on the screen to finish. You will not need to change any settings or adjust any values during the installation.

Once the installation is complete, relaunch your game!



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