Error Message: OGRE Exception

You may have an unique or uncommon OGRE Exception message. Please compare your error message to the resolutions below.

Can’t find requested video mode - Try starting the game in Windowed Mode. On the Launcher screen, place a check mark on the Windowed option. If you do not see this option in the center of the screen, click here to download and install the most up to date Launcher.

If this does not repair the issue, the Localpref.bin file may need to be deleted as it is potentially corrupted. To delete this file, right-click on the desktop icon for the game in question and select "Open File Location." At the top of the window, in the navigation bar, left-click on "ReelDealLive." Within this window, locate the file named "Localpref.bin" and delete it. After it is deleted, retry your game.



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