Error Message: OGRE Exception - Failed to Create Direct3D9 device, D3D9

"Failed to Create Direct3D9 device" is an error message referring to hardware on your computer. This is not an error message relating to the game itself or about how the game is installed.

To repair this error, try the instructions below:

First, double-click the desktop icon for the game, this will bring up the Launcher screen. In the middle of the Launcher screen, click the green "Game Options" button (if you do not see this option in the center of the screen, click here to download and install the most up to date Launcher). In this window, click the "Auto Configure Settings" button near the top, and click "Ok" on the message that comes up thereafter.

In the bottom left section, take the check out of the "Play Open GL Mode" box if one is present, and place a check in "Force Non DDS Textures" if not already present. Click Save Settings, and try playing the game again. If this does not work, go to the Launcher once more and place a check mark in Windowed, then go into the game.

If this fails, please contact us directly for further assistance.


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