How to Install a Game with Administrator Rights

To view a YouTube video of these instructions being performed, click here.

Here are instructions on how to install our games from a disc as the administrator of the computer. Installing our software as the administrator of the computer will eliminate many issues. In addition, any of our products may be installed in this manner to avoid these issues.

  1. Press and hold the Windows key located between the ALT key and the CTRL key, then press the E key. This will bring the Computer menu.

  2. From here, look where it says Devices with Removable Storage. There will be an icon that should say CD ROM Drive or DVD RW Drive.

  3. Right click on the icon and then select Explore or Open in New Window. In this new window, you will see the game disc files.

  4. Select the setup file (Application file type) with one left click, then single right click on it and select Run As Administrator and follow the on-screen instructions.

  5. If the User Account Controls program asks "Would you like to allow this program to make changes to your computer", left click on Yes.

  6. If you get several options that say Modify, Repair or Remove, select Remove, complete the removal of the program and repeat step 4.

  7. Once the program is installed, double left click on the Desktop icon for the game, and when the Launcher screen comes up, please make sure that you are using the Previous and Next arrows in order to cycle through the different games that can be launched from this screen.

  8. Once the game you want to play is in the center of the launcher screen, make sure the disc is still inserted on your Computer, and click where it says Play underneath it so that you can gain access to the game.

If it says "You currently do not own this game. Would you like to buy online?" below the image for the game, it means that you do not own the game above the message. If you do own the game, it is likely that it did not install correctly when you last attempted, you own it but it is not currently installed, or don't have administrator privileges on the computer you are attempting to install the game and must contact the computer's administrator for further assistance.


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